Disposable toilet seat cushions bring convenience to life

- Mar 15, 2019-

In order for everyone to be able to buy quality toilet paper disposable toilet paper, the first thing to look at is the raw material, the pulp paper is the best quality. This paper adopts an optimized process in the process of processing to eliminate secondary pollution and undergo special disinfection and sterilization; secondly, it depends on the disposable toilet paper brand of toilet paper, and the safety of the big brand of toilet paper is more secure. Finally, pay attention to the production date and choose the nearest production.

Choose a disposable toilet paper with a guaranteed safety paper, and live a comfortable and healthy life! Toilet paper disposable toilet paper is one of the daily necessities of people, and it is related to people's health problems.

Travel pack disposable Toilet Seat Cover use

Regular companies generally indicate the fiber materials used on the packaging of the product. Toilet seat paper made from cotton pulp has the best quality, but its output is extremely low, which is rare on the market. The products produced by wood pulp generally have good uniformity, fine wrinkles, good hand feeling, no powder, no hair loss, and good strength.

The toilet seat paper is not as white as possible. In order to improve the whiteness of the product, some manufacturers have added fluorescent whitening agents, which cause the brightness (whiteness) of the toilet seat paper to exceed 90.0%, which does not meet the standard requirements. The surface of such products looks white unnatural and the color tone is not soft. Consumers are best not to buy.

New brands, new varieties, new fabrics, new concepts, and promotions, often lead to impulsive consumption. For example, the popular dry mesh surface, there are many allergic people who will appear red, swollen and allergic after use. Reliable manufacturers, reliable stores, good reputation, and their own personal experience are still the most basic common sense of buying toilet paper.