Is the toilet seat paper ok?

- Mar 10, 2019-

It is convenient and quick to use electronic chip control. With a single push, the used cleaning kit is automatically rolled away and the clean part is turned out. In order to save costs, the chip automatically controls the cleaning and takes away exactly one turn. A clean, fresh film covers the toilet seat to prevent cross-infection of the bacteria. Moreover, the used cleansing film can be recycled and reused in industry and agriculture. It will not cause waste of resources, nor will it cause environmental pollution, and fully comply with the trend of green and environmental protection.

flushable seat paper toilet covers

It is more suitable for the use of toilets in public places such as hotels, hospital clubs, beauty and body, airport terminals, office buildings and family living room toilets. For public use places, first of all, it will help to reflect humanized service, improve the comprehensive service level and customer satisfaction; secondly reduce the consumption of sanitary paper, extend the service life of the toilet, improve work efficiency, and save the cost of toilet maintenance; It effectively prevents economic disputes caused by accidents such as toilet infections and accidental falls on the toilet. Disposable toilet seat paper and smart toilet seats are good choices for purchasers.

It can be said that from the perspective of the final health, the disposable toilet seat cushion has the late environmental protection and convenience, and the used disposable toilet seat cushion can be applied to industrial or agricultural production.

1. It is necessary to pull out the toilet seat paper from the left, right and front nodes;

2. After the toilet seat paper is slowly laid flat on the seat washer, the paper tongue in the middle of the toilet seat paper can be drooped;

3. After the toilet seat paper has been used, it can be washed away directly into the toilet because it has water solubility and will not cause blockage of the toilet.