How To Choose Healthy Toilet Cushion Paper?

- Mar 15, 2019-

Toilet cushion paper is a kind of product that we often use in daily life, but do you know which health secrets are hidden in the cushion paper?

1, the same brand of cushion paper, expensive or cheap

Two different toilet papers, one discount sale, one original price, which one do you choose? I believe that 90% of people will not hesitate to choose discounted goods. Take two bags of cushion paper and compare them carefully. You can find the answer in the corner of the bag: the quality grade of a bag of cushion paper is a good product, and the other is that the cushion paper is divided into three grades, their softness and dissolution. Water and thickness are different.

2. Is the original wood pulp the same as pure wood pulp?

Although the original wood pulp and pure wood pulp do not sound the same, the concept is completely different. The original wood pulp paper uses new raw materials, while the pure wood pulp paper may be mixed with recycled or recycled second-hand raw materials.

So, despite being labeled as a 99% trustworthy label, as a smart buyer, you can definitely choose the one that works.

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3. Is the cushion paper with aroma and print harmful to the human body?

Disposable toilet seat paper is better, because any "pattern" is added later, poor quality printing paper or perfume paper, its ink and fragrance are easy to adhere to the mouth, and then sneak into the human body to destroy the immune system and endocrine system, Affects physical health.

4, the toilet paper is the whiter the better the color

The normal toilet paper color should be ivory white and natural white. If the cushion paper you bought is white, it is the result of adding too much fluorescing agent. If you use unqualified cushion paper, it may cause itching in the light, and it may cause skin disease in severe cases.

To identify whether the cushion paper contains fluorescent agent, you can use the money detector to illuminate the cushion paper. If the cushion paper is blue-violet light, it is usually added with excess fluorescent agent. Please stop using it immediately.

5. How long is the shelf life of the cushion paper?

It is generally 2 to 3 years. In addition, once the cushion paper is opened, it is exposed to the air and is tested by bacteria from all directions. In order to ensure your safety, the cushion paper should be used up within 3 months after opening.