The Magic Of Kitchen Paper

- Feb 28, 2019-

Our kitchen paper towels have the following characteristics:

1, Strong water absorption capacity

When we used a rag to wipe the kitchen utensils, we accidentally left water stains, which made our efforts in vain and had to start all over again. It’s not a problem to have a kitchen towel today. Because the kitchen paper towel has a very strong water absorption capacity, it is only necessary to wipe the water stain with the kitchen paper towel for the second time. Moreover, the kitchen paper is not as easy to break as a general paper towel. You can wipe where it is, and it will not slag!

2, Strong and durable comparable to the rag

In the age when no kitchen paper appeared, most people's kitchens would have a rag. Wash this dish with a rag, brush the pot, and wipe all the things you can think of. Over time, the rags are getting old and the bacteria are getting stronger. Even if you clean it every day, you can't stop the pace of bacteria. Since the kitchen paper towel is a disposable paper towel, it can avoid the bacteria formed by prolonged use, and in terms of decontamination, the kitchen paper can completely surpass the rag!

3. Oil and water for food

The paper is very absorbent and the most obvious in use is the absorption of water from the food. No matter what food is used to absorb water, we can clearly see that it absorbs well and absorbs quickly. If you put these water-absorbing foods in the pot, there will be no splashing of the oil spots.

In addition to good water absorption, its oil absorption is also very good. It can be used to suck up excess oil from the fried food in the pan, so that we can eat healthier. The kitchen paper towel is manufactured through strict high temperature treatment, which is hygienic and non-irritating and safe to contact with food.