What Should We Pay Attention To When Using Paper Towels?

- Mar 05, 2019-

Pay attention to the following points when using:

1. There is a difference between toilet paper and napkin. Do not use toilet paper to wipe the mouth or fruit. It can't clean the skin.

2, toilet paper for toilets is best to fold into three to four fold, especially thinner, so as not to pollute the fingers, because of small loss.

3, Do not use other papers such as newspapers, books, papers, etc. instead of toilet paper, because the newspaper with ink contains some substances harmful to the human body, long-term use will produce local enrichment, stimulation of the buttocks may cause lesions.

4. To buy toilet paper with the name of the factory, the address, telephone, trademark, composition, quality, etc., do not buy the so-called white packaging of low-quality toilet paper without any quality assurance.

5, Try to use less or no color (such as pink, light green) toilet paper, and do not use white color, or even white dazzling (very likely to add fluorescent whitening agent) toilet paper.