100% Cotton Disposable Facial Tissue Cotton Towel

100% Cotton Disposable Facial Tissue Cotton Towel

a. Material: Cotton
b. Size: 20X 20CM, two fold
c. Packaging:80sheets each

Product Details

We have many years of Sanitary Toilet Seat Covers, Sanitary Toilet Seat Paper, Fast-Drying Multifold Paper Towels production experience, we can bring you the best products and services, so that you can rest assured. We sincerely hope to establish and develop various forms of cooperative relations with new and old friends at home and abroad in order to seek common development and common prosperity. We continuously improve the level of operation to achieve the goal of thinking what customers think and what they need.

Product Introduction

Disposable Facial Towel uses cotton material to achieve better feel to your skin. This disposable towel is a perfect alternative to traditional facial towel, for its sterile and antibacterial function. The truth is that, the towels we usually use can be a hotbed of germ and bacteria if not dried up properly. Also, bathroom is an environment that is often filled with moisture. In this case, disposable facial towel can be of great significance. Its soft surface can clean your face efficiently without leaving some debris on your  face. It achieves a combination of mild touching and a rather tight structure, which assures you a satisfying washing experience.

1. Specification:

a. Material: Cotton

b. Size: 20X 20CM, two fold

c. Packaging:80sheets each

2. Features:

a. Sanitary facial towel.

b. High capability of water absorbing.

c. Dried for oil absorbing, wet for face cleansing.

3. Detail image:

Smooth and plain surface, with soft touching feeling.

Product Picture 1

Thicker material with strong water absorbing. Lint-free in using.

Product Picture 2 Product Picture 3

4. Application:

Washing face when you are outside for business trip, hotel. Etc. Clean the makeup on your face.

Daily use at home.

Also Perfect for use in the home, office, bathroom, or spa-style settings. Wet or dry

Product Picture 4

5. Packaging and delivery:

Product Picture 5

6. Our customers:

Product Picture 6

Our mission should be to create imaginative products to prospects with a excellent knowledge for 100% Cotton Disposable Facial Tissue Cotton Towel. We will not only continuously introduce technical guidance of experts from both home and abroad, but also develop the new and advanced products constantly to satisfactorily meet the needs of our clients all over the world. Our company is customer-oriented, striving to create value for customers with the best personalized service.
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