Disposable Medical Face Mask 3 Ply

Disposable Medical Face Mask 3 Ply

3 Ply Medical Face Mask can fully conform to facial contours with its three-dimensional cutting design.

Product Details

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Product Introduction

3 Ply Medical Face Mask can fully conform to facial contours with its three-dimensional cutting design. This face mask won't deliver any sense of bondage, and can effectively build insulation layer between you and air, preventing bacteria, pollution in the air from invading your face. It can make so significant change in poor-air days, like in haze, dusty weather, and when there is construction sites nearby.


3 Ply Medical Face Mask adopts SMS three-layer structure which can better filter the air and block hazardous substances. And you don't have to worry it will be breathless when you wear the mask, for this product applies light and air-transmissible materials. Its ergonomic design will fit your face perfectly, and as long as you put on it right, you can block most bacteria, ideal for those care much on the inhaled air and the face conditions. This Medical Face Mask can also prevent UV lights from burning and damaging you face. Also, its is available with green, blue and white.

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