Disposable Paper Toilet Seat Covers Camping Festival Travel Use

Disposable Paper Toilet Seat Covers Camping Festival Travel Use

This Paper Toilet Seat Cover is a perfect solution for your concern of the cleanness of public toilets.

Product Details

We try to acquire each customer's rely on for Disposable Toilet Seat Paper, Tissue Paper Jumbo Roll, Disposable Toilet Seat Covers Flushable. With our great management, potent technical capability and strict excellent handle procedure, we continue on to provide our customers with reputable top quality, reasonable selling prices and great providers. With the comprehensive development of business, we provide the most comfortable products and services for consumers with conscience and responsibility.

What can the toilet seat cover paper do for you? 

1.      The center-cut portion hangs below the user's body and the rest of the paper above the toilet water's surface so as to act as a splash-suppressing device which can reduce the splashing of toilet water effectively, and prevent the splashes from contacting the human body. 

2.      Protect toilet users from invisible bacteria by creating a protective barrier.

3.      The disposable toilet seat cover paper is made of virgin/ mixing/ recycled pulp. It is exquisite, flexible, skin-friendly and is of good quality.

4.      It can effectively prevent cross-infection of various diseases (skin disease, infection) by avoiding direct contact with the toilet seat.

5.      It has good smoothness and dissolving capacity. It is environmental disposable, and soluble. After using, it can be carried away directly with the water with no need of extra care!

6.      The tongue part of the toilet seat cover can avoid the spray of water. 

1. Product features:

a. The paper can be flushable in water within few seconds.

b. Biodegradable material for environment protection.

c. Very hygienic, safe and skin-friendly.

2. Product Specification:

a. Each sheet: 360X420mm

b. Material: Vigin pulp

c. Packaging: 1/4fold, 50sheets/polybag, 80bags per carton.

3. Use of toilet seat paper:

a. Take out 1 piece out from the box.

b. Open the paper to 1/2 fold, and pull apart the connecting points, then fully open it.

c. Put the paper flat on the toilet seat.

d. After use, it can be straightly flushed into the toilet water.

Product Picture 1

4. Application:

Its pocket-friendly size makes it perfect for traveling, business trip, office toilet, and so on.

Product Picture 2

5. Why do we need to use disposable toilet seat cover paper?

a. Keep Yourself hygienic when you are outside your home.

b. Provide protective barrier that can prevent bacteria, virus transmission.Product Picture 3

6. FAQ

How do I use the disposable toilet seat cover paper?

Take a piece of cover paper out of the box(dispenser) – expand it, pat the tongue piece of the dotted line completely out of the cover – put the cover flatly on the seat, let the tongue fall into the water – press the flush button after using the toilet, it will be flushed away with water.

If the cover paper can match with any toilets?

We designed the size according to the standard size of international toilets, and can match with any toilets.

How can I get the box(dispenser)?

You order 10cartons, we offer 1pc box free.

Can I have my own logo on the products?

Yes, you can put your logo on packaging box, dispenser. etc.

Will the paper block the toilet?

No. The toilet seat cover paper is made out of virgin wood pulp. It is flushable and soluble in the water.

7. Delivery, shipping and service:

For sample order, we offer express delivery with economic freight delivery. 

For mass production order,  we use ocean freight delivery. We accept CIF, FOB, etc. 


Product Picture 4

8. What products do we produce: 


1.      Full range interleave paper towels.

a)       Full kinds of fold paper hand towel, M-fold towel, C-fold towel, extralarge paper, single fold towel, ultra slim paper towel. Etc.

b)       High water absorbency and strong pull strength.

c)        The elegant embossing increase the cleaning area.

d)       Its large opened size and thicker paper can reduce waste in per using.


2.      Superior deluxe napkin.  

3.      Various packaging of toilet seat cover paper.

a)      100% flushable toilet seat cover paper which made out of virgin pulp.

b)     1/2 fold, 1/4 fold, 1/16 fold, toilet seat cover with customized packaging.

With our rich working experience and thoughtful companies, we have now been recognized as being a trustworthy supplier for Disposable Paper Toilet Seat Covers Camping Festival Travel Use. We always put strict requirements on ourselves, and improve the overall level of competition within the company. Striving hard to attain continual success determined by high quality, reliability, integrity, and complete understanding of current market dynamics.


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