Disposable Toilet Seat Paper/Non-Woven Fabrics Covers

Disposable Toilet Seat Paper/Non-Woven Fabrics Covers

This Disposable Toilet Seat Covers Virgin Paper uses costly thin paper with anti-water and antibacterial function.

Product Details

Our company is committed to offering customers with high-quality, safe Sanitary Toilet Seat Paper, Biodegradable Paper Hand Towel, New Automatic Touchless Sanitizer Dispenser at competitive prices, and creating satisfactory services for every customer. Our company actively adapt to the market development trend with its strong development advantages, high starting point and high standard. Products can be designed and manufactured according to customer's special requirements. If the customer provides their own designs, We will guarantee that they will likely be the only one can have that merchandise.

1. Product features:

a. Costly thin paper with anti-water and antibacterial function.

b. Biodegradable material for environment protection.

c. 100% flushable in water without the risk of blocking the toilet.

d. Very hygienic, sanitary and skin-friendlt.

2. Product Specification:

a. Size of each sheet: 360X420mm

b. Material: 100% virgin pulp

c. Packaging: 1/4 fold for each paper, 200sheets/box.

Product Picture 1

3. Use of toilet seat paper:

a. Take out 1 piece out from the box.

b. Open the paper to 1/2 fold, and pull apart the connecting points, then fully open it.

c. Put the paper flat on the toilet seat.

d. After use, it can be straightly flushed into the toilet water.

Product Picture 2

4. Application:

It is perfect to use in office building, hotel, restaurant, airport, or at home for your guest.

Product Picture 3

5. Application cases:

We‘ve been supplying toilet seat cover paper to China Southern Flight, Huawei office building for many years, and we obtain very good reputation from our customers. 

Product Picture 4

Product Picture 5

6. Why do we need to use disposable toilet seat cover paper?

a. Keep yourself hygienic When you are outside your home.

b. Provide a sanitary protective barrier in prevent bacteria, virus transmission.

Product Picture 6

7. FAQ

How do I use the disposable toilet seat cover paper?

Take a piece of cover paper out of the box(dispenser) – expand it, pat the tongue piece of the dotted line completely out of the cover – 

put the cover flat on the set, let the tongue fall into the water – press the flush button after using the toilet, and it will be flushed away with water.

Can the cover paper match with any toilets?

We designed the size according to the standard size of international toilets, and can match with any toilets.

How can I get the box(dispenser)?

You order 10cartons, we offer 1pc box free. Please contact with our team to discuss the contract.

8. Delivery, shipping and service:

For sample order, we offer express delivery with economic freight delivery. 

For mass production order,  we use ocean freight delivery. We accept CIF, FOB, etc. 

No matter new customer or outdated client, We believe in extensive phrase and trusted relationship for Disposable Toilet Seat Paper/Non-Woven Fabrics Covers. We continue to recruit talents, pay attention to improve the quality of staff and quality awareness, pay attention to enhance the brand image of enterprises and strengthen the level of customer service. In the new century, the process of globalization has given business a broader and richer definition. It is not only a series of transactions, but also a kind of trust.
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