Electric Female Wash Sanitary Warm Spray Heated Seat Self-Cleaning Toilet Seat Cover

Electric Female Wash Sanitary Warm Spray Heated Seat Self-Cleaning Toilet Seat Cover

This Sanitary Toilet Seat Covers feature 100% virgin pulp with compact design and convenient use.

Product Details

We take pleasure in an exceptionally excellent status between our buyers for Toilet Seat Cover Paper Holders, Sanitary Seats Cover, Toilet Seat Paper. Selling our products and solutions causes no risks and brings high returns to your company instead. Welcome customers new and old to contact us for business cooperation. We work in a pragmatic and efficient manner to ensure that every user is assured and satisfied!

1. Details:

a. Size of each sheet: 360X420mm

b. Material: 100% virgin pulp that is water-soluble, making sure it can be easily flushed away.

c. Packaging: 1/2 fold for each paper sheets, 250sheets/paper bag with your printing, 20bags per carton

2. Features:

a. 100% flushable without the risk of blocking the toilet.

b. Biodegradable for environment protection

c. Very hygienic, safe and skin-friendly.

3. Use of toilet seat paper:

a. Take a piece of cover paper out from the box(bag), open it and find out the 3 connection points as in the picture below.

b. Tear off the connection points, and please note that you don't tear the paper too strong, otherwise the paper will be broken.

c. Place it flatly on the toilet seat, and let the tongue part fall into the water.

d. Flush it away after using.

Product Picture 1

4. What can the sanitary toilet seat covers do for a restaurant, hotel, SPA beauty center

1) Help to provide humanized, upgrading integrated services and give good impression to your customers.

2) Reduce the consumption of toilet paper, because most people will use toilet paper to put on the toilet seat if there is no toilet seat cover paper.

3) Hygiene: Reduce the chance of getting skin and other diseases from public toilets.

4) Flushable: Easy to dissolve in water, avoid clogging the toilet

5) Health: Made by 100% wood pulp, without bleaching.

5. Why do we need to use disposable toilet seat cover paper?

a. There is invisible bacteria on public toilets, and a cover paper can prevent bacteria transmission.

b. When you use public toilets, it is often wet, making it a hotbed of germ.

c. It Provides protection with a Germ-Free Barrier.

Product Picture 2

6. FAQ

Can I customized packaging?

Yes, you can customized the packaging with your own artwork, logo and printing. There’s different minimum order quantity for polybag, color paper insert, packaging box. 

Please contact with our team to get more information.

Can the cover paper match with any toilets?

We designed the size according to the standard size of international toilets, and can match with any toilets.

How can I get the box(dispenser)?

You order 10cartons, we offer 1pc box free.

Does the paper will block the toilet?

No. The toilet seat cover paper is made out of virgin wood pulp, it is 100% flushable in the water.

Can you do sterilization on each shipment?

Yes, in order to meet customer request on sanitariness issue. We can do sterilization for each shipment.

What's about hte payment terms:

a. Payment: We accept payment TT, L/C, Paypal, western union. Ect.

b. Delivery and logistics. Ocean shipment: For container order or LCL goods, it is the best way to do by ocean shipment. It is economic.

Product Picture 3

What's about the order procession?

Please send us your demands on the specification of the products you want,  and let us know the packaging types you want.

We will work out with our team and prepare sample. Sample is charged if you need to make sample with customized printing.

We will send sample for your confirmation.

Once you get sample and confirm the sample, you can place order.

We will start material preparation once deposit payment received.

Before mass production, we will send you pre-production sample for final confirmation.

We have a young, high-quality, pioneering scientific research team that combines modern information technology to research and develop high-quality Electric Female Wash Sanitary Warm Spray Heated Seat Self-Cleaning Toilet Seat Cover. Our company guarantees the interests of users. Welcome all customers both at home and abroad to visit our factory.
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