Factory Manufacturer Toilet Pads Toilet Seat Cover Disposable Paper

Factory Manufacturer Toilet Pads Toilet Seat Cover Disposable Paper

This Flushable Toilet Seat Paper is a perfect solution to your concern of the cleanness of public toilets.

Product Details

We sincerely design and customized all kinds of Travel Pack Disposable Toilet Seat Cover, Konjac Body Sponge, Non Touch Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser for our customers. We use excellent brand culture and high-quality products to advocate a new life and production concept. Innovation, high quality and perfect service are our unremitting pursuit. Strong technical force, excellent products and scientific management are the solid foundation of our company. The purpose of the enterprise has cultivated our good corporate image and reputation. Welcome to visit our website and do not hesitate to communicate with us.

1. Advantages 

a. Keep yourself hygienic when you are outside your home.

b. Offer a protective gap to prevent bacteria, virus transmission.

c. Premium flushable toilet seat covers.

d. Waterproof and has high strength and toughness.

Product Picture 1

2. Use of toilet seat paper:

1) Take one piece out from the box(bag), open and find out the 3 connection points as in the picture.

Product Picture 3

2) Tear off the connection points, and please note that you don’t tear the paper too strong, otherwise the cover paper will be broken.

Product Picture 2

3) Put it flat on the toilet seat, the open part is towads the inside. Place the side with the flap toward the front of the toilet, with the flap going down in the toilet to prevent "splashing".

Product Picture 4

4) After using the toilet, flush away it with water directly, for the paper is 100% flushable.

Product Picture 5

3. Applications:

Product Picture 6

4. Why do we need to use disposable toilet seat cover paper?

a. There is invisible bacteria on public toilets, and a cover paper can prevent bacteria transmission.

b. When you use public toilets, it is often wet, making it a hotbed of germ.

c. It Provides protection with a Germ-Free Barrier.

Product Picture 7

5. FAQ

How do I use the disposable toilet seat cover paper?

Take a piece of cover paper out of the box(dispenser) – expand it, pat the tongue piece of the dotted line completely out of the cover – 

put the cover flat on the set, let the tongue fall into the water – press the flush button after using the toilet, it will be flushed away with water.

Can the cover paper match with any toilets?

We designed the size according to the standard size of international toilets, and can match with any toilets.

How can I get customized design?

If you want to have your own logo, you can customize your own packaging polybag, or logo label to attach on the packaging.

If the seat toilet covers will block the toilets?

No, the paper is made out of virgin wood pulp and is 100% flushable and soluble in the water.

6. Packaging and delivery:

a.      Express for sample parcel and small order quantity. If quantity above 100KGS, we can do ocean delivery base on door to door service.

b.      Air shipment: if your place is near to the airport, and order quantity is not big, you can choose air delivery.

c.      Ocean shipment: For container order or LCL goods, it is the best way to do by ocean shipment.  It is economic.

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7. Our customers:

Product Picture 9

8. History of toilet seat cover paper:

The first known patented model of the toilet seat cover dispenser dates back to 1942 and was invented by J.C. Thomasa. The photo of the "Germ Free Toilet Seat Covers Dispenser" is one of the original Thomasa Seat Cover Dispensers and is on display at the DFW Elite Museum of Haltom City, Texas. Invented and patented by: J.C. Thomasa. Seat cover dispenser (Patent No. 2,299,940) Oct. 27, 1942. Seat cover package (Patent No. 2,320,955) June 1, 1943.

We are in a leading position in the industry of Factory Manufacturer Toilet Pads Toilet Seat Cover Disposable Paper with advanced technological processes, high-quality product and preferential prices. In the potential, we sincerely invite you to mature up with us and create a vivid foreseeable future jointly! Our company will adhere to the principle of technological innovation, management innovation, concept innovation and development idea innovation.
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