Hygiene Safety Disposable Toilet Supply Toilet Seat Sheet Toilet Seat Cover Waterproof Wholesale

Hygiene Safety Disposable Toilet Supply Toilet Seat Sheet Toilet Seat Cover Waterproof Wholesale

This Disposable Plastic Toilet Seat Cover uses imported PO film with embossing process to achieve high strength and toughness. ​

Product Details

So that the Disposable Hand Towel Paper, Toilet Seat Paper, Paper Hand Towel continue to consolidate and expand the domestic market but also sells well abroad. We create a development platform for employees, creating wealth and value for partners, and forming a better life for users. Teamwork is encouraged at all levels with regular campaigns. Our merchandise sell all over the domestic and abroad thanks for the regular and new customers support. Our philosophy is to achieve customers, aim innovation as the key, integrity and responsibility as the criteria and seek for win-win cooperation.

1. Details:

a. Material: imported PO film with high strength and toughness.

b. Size: 41X49CM, matchable with most toilet seats.

2. Use of toilet seat paper:

a. Take a pocket of toilet seat cover paper with you anywhere you go.

b. When you need to use public toilets, pull out one piece from the pack.

c. Open and  pull apart the connection points.

d. Wear it on the toilet seat flatly and use the toilet.

e. Afer using the toilet, throw it into the dustbin nearby.

Product Picture 1

3. Features:

a. Thicker material with high strength and waterproof function.

Product Picture 2

b. Big size and is suitable for all toilet seats.

Product Picture 3

c. Embossing process, not sticky to your skin and can be easily taken off.

Product Picture 4

4. Applications:

Product Picture 5

5. Why do we need to use disposable plastic toilet seat cover?

a. There is invisible bacteria on public toilets, and a cover paper can prevent bacteria transmission.

b. When you use public toilets, it is often wet, making it a hotbed of germ.

c. It Provides protection with a Germ-Free Barrier.

Product Picture 6

6. Why choose us:

a. Strict quality control system during production. ISO 9001:2015

b. Best service team and reply your inquiry within 24hours.

c. Large stock and fast delivery time.

7. Packaging and delivery:

Product Picture 7

8. Our customers:

Product Picture 8

We sincerely look forward to providing you with the best quality and most affordable Hygiene Safety Disposable Toilet Supply Toilet Seat Sheet Toilet Seat Cover Waterproof Wholesale and bringing the best and fastest economic benefits to your business. We test with international standards, and follow-up service throughout the process to ensure that our products are delivered to you on time and safely. Over the years of operation, we have established an extensive sales network with a number of professional engineering and technical personnel to provide you with strong technical support and guarantee.
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