Toilet Paper Toilet Seat Paper Disposable Paper

Toilet Paper Toilet Seat Paper Disposable Paper

a. 100% Flushable in water within few seconds.
b. Biodegradable material for environment protection.
c. Very hygienic, safe and skin-friendly.

Product Details

We have been ISO9001, CE, and GS certified and strictly adhere to their good quality specifications for Toilet Seat Cover Paper, Non Touch Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser, Cleansing Sponge. We promise to try our greatest to deliver you with high quality and economical products and services. The seamless connection of design, R&D and manufacturing ensures the continuous innovation of our products.

1. Product features:

a. 100% flushable in water without the risk of blocking the toilet.

b. Biodegradable material for environment protection.

c. Very hygienic, safe, and skin-friendly.

2. Product Specification:

a. Size of each sheet: 360X420mm

b. Material: Vigin pulp

c. Packaging: 1/2 fold, 250sheets/paper bag, 20bags each carton

3. Use of toilet seat paper:

a. Take out 1 piece out from the box.

b. Open the paper to 1/2 fold, and pull apart the connecting points, then fully open it.

c. Put the paper flat on the toilet seat.

d. After use, it can be straightly flushed into the toilet water.

4. Application:

Use the toilet seat paper when you are away from home and in public toilets, such as traveling, business trip, office toilet, hotel, restaurants, giving birth to a babies, in hospitals, shopping outside.

Product Picture 1

5. Why do we need to use disposable toilet seat cover paper?

1. Keep Yourself hygienic When you are outside your home

2. Provide protection with a Germ-Free Barrier

Product Picture 2

6. Advantages of using toilet seat cover paper in hotel, restaurant or beauty centers:

1.      Help to provide humanized, upgrading integrated Services and give good impression to your customers.

2.      Reduce the consumption of toilet paper, because most people will use toilet paper to put on the toilet seat if there is no toilet seat cover paper.

3.      Extend the service life of toilet.

4.      Improve working efficiency and save toilet maintenance cost.

5.      Effective prevention of venereal diseases due to toilet infection.

6.      Convenience: Small pack makes it convenient to carry.

7.      Hygiene: Reduce the chance of getting skin and other diseases from public toilets.

8.      Flushable: Easy to dissolve in water, avoid clogging the toilet.

9.      Health: Made by 100% wood pulp, without bleaching.

This company commits to becoming a leading modern Toilet Paper Toilet Seat Paper Disposable Paper investment operator and comprehensive service provider in China. We continue to make breakthroughs in the field of resource conservation and innovation so that have won widespread praise from customers and the industry. Our mission is to enable customers to stay ahead of escalating competition and product quality management functions.


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