Toilet Seat Cover Disposable for Public Disinfecting Toilet Seat

Toilet Seat Cover Disposable for Public Disinfecting Toilet Seat

This Water Soluble Paper Toilet Seat Cover uses eco-friendly material with anti-water and antibacterial function.

Product Details

In the production process, we formulate strict technical procedures and testing requirements to ensure the quality of the Disposable Toilet Seat Cover Paper, Plastic Toilet Seat Cover, Jumbo Roll Tissue. Our production is strictly in accordance with the standard process and the pursuit of perfect details. Our company follows the sustainable scientific development concept, creating a core culture of positive energy, and we propose a set of rigorous work thinking system based on the unity of knowledge and practice, to better offer our service.

1. Product features:

a. Costly thin paper with anti-water and antibacterial function.

b. Biodegradable material for environment protection.

c. 100% water soluble and flushable.

d. Very hygeinic, sanitary and skin-friendly.

2. Product Specification:

a. Material: 100% soluble virgin pulp, and can easy break down in the water without blocking the toilet.

b. Standard size: 360X420mm

c. Packaging: 10sheets disposable toilet seat cover pack in a polybag with printing or paper insert, then go with inner white box and brown carton.

Product Picture 1

3. Use of toilet seat paper:

a. Take out 1 piece out from the box.

b. Open the paper to 1/2 fold, and pull apart the connecting points, then fully open it.

c. Put the paper flat on the toilet seat.

d. After use, it can be straightly flushed into the toilet water.

Product Picture 2

4. Application:

It is perfect to use in office building, restaurant, hotel, SPA beauty center, airport, etc,

Product Picture 3

5. Advantage of using toilet seat cover paper:

a) Extend the service life of toilet.

b) Improve working efficiency and save toilet maintenance cost.

c) Effective prevention of venereal diseases due to toilet infection.

d) Hygiene: Reduce the chance of getting skin and other diseases from public toilets.

e) Flushable: Easy to dissolve in water, avoid clogging the toilet.

5. Application cases:

China Southern Flight, Huawei office building

Product Picture 4

Product Picture 5

6. FAQ

Do you have any quality certificate:

Our company have passed ISO9001, and have high-quality control system from material to finished products and delivery. Our advanced and comprehensive product facilities can guarantee the quality, and health for food and skin.

How do I use the disposable toilet seat cover paper?

Take a piece of cover paper out of the box(dispenser) – expand it, pat the tongue piece of the dotted line completely out of the cover – put the cover flatly on the seat, let the tongue fall into the water – press the flush button after using the toilet, the seat cover will be flushed away with water.

Can you do sterilization on each shipment?

Yes, in order to meet customer request on sanitariness issue. We can do sterilization for each shipment.

Can I customized packaging?

Yes, you can customized the packaging with your own artwork, logo and printing. There’s different minimum order quantity for polybag, color paper insert, packaging box. Please contact with our team to get more information.

We've been an energetic corporation with wide market for Toilet Seat Cover Disposable for Public Disinfecting Toilet Seat. All our staff take honesty and customer first as the tenet. Customer satisfaction is the criterion of our service, and we serve the company with concrete measures. We still stand by the principle that customers are everything, based on honesty and technology, and sincerely serve all customers.
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