Top Quality Mould Maker Plastic Toilet Seat Covers for Toddlers

Top Quality Mould Maker Plastic Toilet Seat Covers for Toddlers

This Plastic Toilet Seat Cover features automatic changing system with high strength material.

Product Details

Our high standards in production processes ensure that our Hygienic Paper Toilet Seat Cover, Toilet Seat Cover Paper, Disposable Toilet Seat Covers meets the industry's high standards in terms of appearance and quality of component production. We believe that employees are the company's basic resources and fundamental assets, and the company is a platform for employees to pursue wealth and career. Therefore, we welcome all types of talents to join with us. Our company has large inventory, complete products, and guarantees logistics supplies for customers.

1. Specification:

a. Material: Plastic film with high strength and toughness.

b. Size: Width 95mm, 65pieces per roll, 25rolls each carton.

2. Advantages:

a. Keep you safe and sterile when you are outside your home.

b. Automatic changing and convenient use.

c. Waterproof and will not be sticky to your skin.

d. The cover papers are generally stored in a dispenser, allowing users to access one piece at a time. Then, there will be no unnecessary contact with additional seat covers.

e. It can effectively prevent cross-infection of various diseases (skin disease, infection). It is helpful to avoid the psychological discomfort resulting from human body's direct contact with toilet seats.

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3. Use of toilet seat paper:

Assemble the toilet seat cover toll on the automatic toilet seat, just press the button the toilet seat, then it can change the seat cover automatically.

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4. Features:

a. Thicker material with high strength and toughness.

b. Big size and is suitable for all toilet seats.

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5. Why do we need to use disposable plastic toilet seat cover?

a. There is invisible bacteria on public toilets, and a cover paper can prevent bacteria transmission.

b. When you use public toilets, it is often wet, making it a hotbed of germ.

c. It Provides protection with a Germ-Free Barrier.

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6. Why choose us:

a. Strict quality control system during production. ISO 9001:2015

b. Best service team and reply your inquiry within 24hours.

c. Large stock and fast delivery time.

7. Packaging and delivery:

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8. Our customers:

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9. What we can produce:

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Shenzhen Meidi Paper products Co, Ltd has advanced machinery and equipment, the young professional management team, and experienced technical staff. In order to ensure that we provide deluxe and competitive products for our customers, we have the strict system of supervision from the material manufacturer, production, to packaging and delivery.

We goal to create more value for our clients with our abundant resources, advanced machinery, experienced workers and superb solutions for Top Quality Mould Maker Plastic Toilet Seat Covers for Toddlers. After years of hard work, we have formed a modern production scale and has our own production base. We focus on product research and development according to customer needs, hoping to improve customer experience through product design, material, function, value and other aspects.
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