PO Film Toilet Seat Cover Roll

This PO Film Toilet Seat Cover Roll features automatic cover-change system with high strength and durable material.

Product Details

1. Specification:

a. Material: PO film, ensuring high strength and toughness.

b. Size: Width 120mm, 65pieces per roll, 25rolls each carton.

2. Advantages:

a. Keep you safe and sterile when you are outside your home.

b. Automatic cover-change makes your use effortless and convenient.

c. Waterproof and is not sticky to your skin.

Product Picture 1

3. Use of toilet seat paper:

Assemble the toilet seat cover toll on the automatic toilet seat, press the button of the toilet seat, 

then it can change the seat cover automatically.

Product Picture 2

4. Features:

a. Thicker material with high strength and toughness.

b. Big size and is suitable for all toilet seat.

Product Picture 4

5. Where do we need to use this covers:

Home: when you have guests, your guest might not like to use toilets at your home.

Public toilet: 

a. There is invisible bacteria on public toilets, and a cover paper can prevent bacteria transmission.

b. When you use public toilets, it is often wet, making it a hotbed of germ.

c. It Provides protection with a Germ-Free Barrier.

Product Picture 5

6. Why choose us:

a. Strict quality control system during production. ISO 9001:2015

b. Best service team and reply your inquiry within 24hours.

c. Large stock and fast delivery time.

7. Packaging and delivery:

Product Picture 6

8. Our customers:

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