Waterproof Toilet Seat Covers

This Waterproof Toilet Seat Covers use PO film material to ensure high strength.

Product Details

1. Specification of waterproof toilet seat covers:

a. Material: PO film waterproof material, ensuring high strength and toughness.

b. Size: Width 120mm, 65pieces per roll, 25rolls each carton.

c. Packaging: 10sheets/polybag

2. Advantages:

a. Prevent bacteria, virus transmission, as well as infectious diseases and skin discomfort;

b. Automatic change and convenient use;

c. Waterproof and can create a protective barrier.

Product Picture 1

3. Use of toilet seat paper:

a. Take out one piece from the box, and unfold it.

b. Wear the paper surface on the toilet seat.

c. After use, throw it into the dustbin nearby.

d. Please be noted that it's not flushable into the water.

4. Features:

a. Thicker material, ensuring high toughness.

Product Picture 2

b. Big size and suitable for all toilet seat.

5. What products Meidi can supply:

a. Full range interleave paper towels.

b. Superior deluxe napkin

c. Various packaging of toilet seat cover paper.

6. Delivery and logistics:

a) Air shipment: if your place is near to the airport, and order quantity is not big, you can choose air delivery.

b) Ocean shipment: For container order or LCL goods, it is the best way to do by ocean shipment. It is economic.

7. Shenzhen Meidi Paper products Co, Ltd have advance machinery and equipment, the young professional management team, and experienced technical staff. we have the strict system of supervision from the material manufacturer, production, packaging and delivery. We’ve been doing overseas market for more than 10years, and win good reputation from customers.

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8. FAQ:

a) Can I customized packaging

Yes, you can customize the packaging with your own artwork, logo and printing. There’s different minimum order quantity for polybag, color paper insert, packaging box. Please contact with our team to get more information.

b) Do you accept OEM orders.

Yes, but only with the packaging. The size of toilet seat paper can not be changed.

c) Are you a factory or trading company?

We are manufacturer since 1998. We have factories in Shenzhen and Liaoning in China. We are experienced producer and our products are of good quality.

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