Flushable Disposable Toilet Seat Paper

Flushable Disposable Toilet Seat Paper

This product has the advantages of harmless virgin pulp and most convenient use.

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Product Introduction

This product has the advantages of harmless virgin pulp and most convenient use. The truth is, we have long concerned about the cleanness of public toilet and we often choose not to directly sit on it, or even step on the seat surface. We couldn't stop worrying the invisible bacteria though the seat looks neat. And this cover paper can perfectly solve your constant concern, and its non-toxic and sterile paper fibre can totally release your worry. You only need to pull out one piece and put it correctly on the toilet seat, and after use it can straightly be flushed into the toilet water without the need of touching its surface. Also, its attractive prices without compromising on its quality have made it widely applied, like in hotel, restaurant, shopping mall, office building, and so on.

Product Information

1. Size of each toilet seat paper: 360X420mm

2. Material: Vigin pulp

3. Packaging: 1/2 fold, 250sheets/paper bag, 20bags each carton

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